Top 5 best sites for free mp3 download

Are you a music freak and facing difficulties to find out the best sites for free mp3 download? Do you want to download your favorite and latest Mp3 songs for free whenever you want? Well, in this article I am going to share with you 5 best sites for free MP3 download.  In these sites which I am going to mention are available in different type of genres which includes rock, pop, hip-hop, classics, metal, jazz & country music and much more.

In case if you have no idea on which site to download these Top 5 best sites for free mp3 download. Here I bring you with all the types of music genre and they are very easy to download options which will just make your day awesome.

Here are some of the top 5 best sites for free mp3 downloads:

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular and it has now the highest playlist of the latest updated songs which makes it one of the largest visited website for free music.

In this website finding songs are very easy, you just need to type the song name on the search bar and you can download mp3 songs easily using any YouTube downloader.

2. is one of the most popular and simple site to naviagte and download free mp3 songs. It is now one of the top free Mp3 downloading sites available on the internet.

It is very simple to use and here you can search your favorite music and download it at the size of your choice, the website loading speed is very fast.  So, what are you waiting for just go to the website and download your most favorite songs at anytime and anyplace.

free music downloading

3. is the unique one as it has an simple layout .In this website for downloading song you only need to do is type the name of the song on the search engine of the website then you will get your favorite song. is simple, quicker and very easy to use. Latest songs are auto-updated in the playlist automatically.


In now you can find a huge collection of songs and download it on the website. Which comes absolutely for free, you don’t have to pay what you need to do is just need to type the name of a song in a search bar and press the search button and download unlimited songs.    

It works fast with a better sound quality of mp3. is one of the websites with billions of users that is visited every day, every time and songs are downloaded. Do not get bother if the Captcha appear, once the Captcha option disappear the downloading option will appear and the process will begin shortly.


Are you tired of listening the same old songs again and again, are you not in touch with the latest songs in today’s world? It’s not a big deal anymore now everything is easy and fast you just need to go on the website. is a free music downloading site for music freaks; it has an access of more than 100 billion users which makes it one of the top music downloading sites.

These are the top 5 best sites for free mp3 download, which I came up with for you.  Please comment below if I miss out any other best websites.

How to install Cartoon Hd App On Android Iphone,PC 2016

In this exercise I will make you to know how to download Cartoon HD for iPhone or iPad. I’ll tell you how to install it on your Apple gadgets, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch of all the versions of iOS. I’ve composed tutorials on getting Cartoon HD app on Android. On the off chance, you are not been able to open the Cartoon HD on iPad or any iOS gadget.

Follow the under given steps to find the Cartoon HD for iOS. You needn’t to bother about Jailbreak of your device, since we’re refraining from doing that here.This Cartoon HD application will deal with iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, 8.1.3 and lower ones.

On the off chance, you are not been able to open the Cartoon HD on iPad or any iOS gadget. I suggest you to close the application for few moments and attempt it later. It takes less time to install the application, just run through this guide for making the absolute installation of Cartoons app.

Cartoon HD for iPhone/iPad/iOS Download

Open your Apple gadget and go to Settings.
Overlook and pick General, now go to Date & Time.
For the first time, you have to modify date to obtain Cartoons HD on Apple. We prescribe you utilize date Aug 1 2014 or the date above this.
Open browser in your device and visit this link. Having this, you’ll realize it.

Download Cartoon HD Apk For Cartoon HD App on Android

Later downloading it, install the app.
After installation, you can change the date in addition to time to normal condition. That’s required only during the installation.

For the very first time, you require to press Trust option and start using it.
That recommends this short session folks, hope you’ve downloaded Cartoon HD for iPad/iPhone devices with no trouble. Leave those things in comments and share this post with your mates if you’ve any thoughts regarding this post.


Requirements of Watching Movies Online At Home

When it comes to watching movies, people will check for comfort and convenience since, they do not want to experience the discomfort or unwanted disturbances while watching movies. If that is the case, you have to choose movie streaming websites to watch movies. Nowadays, everything seems to be online right from business to shopping. People are getting their things done easily with the assistance of internet. They are earning through online business and they are spending via online shopping. It sounds good – right?

If you choose online movie portals, you can movie streaming sites You can watch the same movie as many times as you want. Right from action movie to thriller movie, you can find whatever movie type you wish for in online portals. The movies can be chosen according to your needs and requirements. But, you have to have some things for watching movies online. The requirements of watching movies online are as follows:

Websites For Streaming movies Features

  • The size of your modem should be 56K or higher. Added to that, you should have a speedup broadband connection to get the access of the websites within some minutes. If your broadband connection is slow, your movie video will start to buffer. Watching movies with buffers every now and then will never make your movie time pleasant. Rather, it would be annoying watching movies with buffer.

Watch Movies At Home

  • For playing the movie videos, you should contain an appropriate media player. Without having a suitable media player, you cannot play the online movie videos. If it is needed to be, you can download it from the website. In case you do not have a media player, you will get a pop-up containing download links of media player. You can simply click the link to download the player.
  • You have to enable the cookies of your web browser. Mostly, people would not like to receive cookies. But while watching online movies, you have to turn the cookies active on your web browser. Go to browser settings and click the option “always accept cookies”.
  • Two speakers and a woofer are necessary while watching movies. That will let you hear the sounds clearly.

If you do not have the above mentioned things, consider installing those things in the coming days. If you do, you will surely get an unforgettable and cherished experience while watching movies online. The above mentioned things are not that expensive or time-consuming to do. You can get that done within some minutes.